Privacy Policy

About Us

Chicken George - that’s us - is a company registered in England and Wales, company number 07820766. Our registered address is 5 Luke Street, London, Greater London, EC2A 4PX. But you don’t want to go there. We’d much rather you visited us at Chicken George, 345 Hitchin Road, Luton, LU2 7SW.

You get in touch with us, either about this privacy policy, or anything else, at the above address or by phone on 01582 720723.

Your Info, and what we do with it

When we get to know you, we might be collecting, using or storing the following bits about you:

  • Things about your visit to this fine website, such as: Which pages you’ve been to and how long you’ve spent on them, your IP address (it’s how computers find each other on the Internet), information on your operating system (like Windows, Android or iOS) and your browser. We need to know this stuff to make sure everything’s working properly, and it lets us plan for improvements.
  • If you sign up for our newsletter (great idea) we’ll store your contact information and anything else you tell us so we can provide you with info about what we do (and maybe some great deals; who knows?)
  • If you arrange for us to cater for your event, we’ll collect and store everything we need to do that properly.
  • If you contact us about our services – or for anything else, really – we’ll keep a note of the information we need to reply to you properly.
  • We might also use any information we collect from you to give us a better idea of how people use our services: we’ll need this when we’re planning changes to the way we work.

If you use our website, or provide information to us in another way – for example, by sending us an email – we’ll assume you’re okay with us collecting and using your information in this way.

How long we’ll keep your stuff

We promise that, once we no longer need your information, we’ll get rid of it. How long we’ll keep your information for depends on why we collected it – that’s the section above. We might also keep hold of it for longer if the law requires it, or we’re protecting you or another person.

Other people we might give it to

We like that you trust us with your information, and we’ll keep it a secret as much as possible. There are some times, though, when we might need to give it to someone else:

  • If the law requires it, or it’s needed in a legal action.
  • If our business gets sold to, merged with, or partners with, another one, that other business might gain access to your information. If that’s the case, they’ll take over responsibility and will send you a copy of their privacy policy.
  • If we need to tell someone – like one of our suppliers, subcontractors, or advisers – in order to provide our services, or to keep the business running smoothly. We won’t send your information outside the EEA (basically, the area covered by data protection laws) unless you tell us that’s okay.

Your rights over your information

Your information is protected by law – it’s called data protection. Those laws give you the following rights over it:

  • To be informed – we’ll tell you our policies relating to the collection and use of your information. In case you missed it, that’s what we’re doing here.
  • Access – you can ask us whether we have any personal information about you, and if we do, you can ask for a copy of it. And we’ll give it to you, providing nobody else would get hurt by us revealing that information. If you ask often, we might have to charge a bit for this.
  • Rectification – if, somehow, we’ve got hold of information which has bits missing or wrong, you can ask us to put it right.
  • Deletion (or, the right to be forgotten) – if you want us to forget about you, you can ask us to remove some or all of your personal information. We might not be able to, though, if we need it to provide you with services, or it’s vital to our ongoing business, or there’s some legal action that might require it.
  • Restriction of Processing – if you don’t want us to flat-out delete your information, but you’d rather we didn’t use it, you can ask us not to. If you do, we’ll try not to do so without asking you, but there are exceptions again: If there’s a legal action that requires it, we’re acting to protect your rights, or the rights of someone else, or there’s an overriding public interest.
  • Data Portability – if we give you a copy of information that’s stored on computer, we’ll do so in a common format, so you can give it to someone else easily.
  • Objection to Processing – If you’ve got a good reason why we shouldn’t use your information, you can ask us to stop. If you do, we’ll try to oblige, unless we can prove we have a specific need to keep going. In particular, you can ask that we stop using your information for direct marketing (i.e. to call or email you) or for research purposes.
  • Complaint – if you think we’ve messed up in the way we’ve handled your personal information, you can make a complaint to a ‘supervisory authority’. You can do this either in the country you live, the country you work, or the country you believe the mistake happened – so long as they’re a member of the European Union. In the UK, the supervisory authority is the Information Commissioner’s Office – the ICO – you can visit them at

If you want to use one of these rights, just get in touch.

Changes to this Policy

We might have to change this policy every now and then. We might notify you (by email, or in some other way) about changes, but to be safe, you should check this page regularly.